• VMC V-3


    V3 is an integral part of the VMC system incorporated over 28 years ago. The V3 makes our system uniquely different from the “me too’s” on the market. It is fundamentally what sets our system apart from others. V3 is formulated to give the benefit of a sealer while allowing for vapor transmission. As a stand alone product, V3 works well on high polished marble and granite where one looks for improvement in slip resistance and soil resistance. Daily maintenance is improved for surfaces treated with V3 because soil and dirt are quickly removed. The V3 is processed in the same manner as the VMC vitrification liquids with #3 steel wool on hard stones and finer grades on softer ones. For improved performance, follow with a white nylon buffing pad or polishing bonnet.



    Special Features: 



    Improves slip resistance

    Aids in stain resistance

    Provides additional polish after V2

    Easy to use

    Extends the life of polished stones

    Greatly reduces the need for restoration

    Requires much less time as compared to traditional strip and wax methods

    Non scuffing

    Gives a mirror-like polish



    Where and When to Use:

    V3 can be applied wherever the nature & condition of the floor surface permits. This product is for use on polished stone surfaces only.