Specific use is for marble of medium tone and high opacity. Although it will on all marbles and some granites, it may leave solution marks which are visible on black marbles. The experienced operator can usually “get by” in thse cases but a better choice would be the V1. Most of the time, V2 will be used with #3 steel wool. Finer grades will work, but may tend to load the pad and machine. Always follow with V3 to insure long life and improved slip resistance. Color: Pink to light rose.



Special Features: 

Easy to use

Extends life of polished stones

Greatly reduces the need for restoration

Requires much less time as compared to traditional strip and wax methods

Non scuffing

Gives a mirror-like polish



Where and When to Use:

V2 can be applied wherever the nature & condition of the floor surface permits. This product is for use on polished stone surfaces only.