Sika Bond 10.1 oz Construction Adhesive 106403


SikaBond Construction Adhesive

A one component polyurethane adhesive that remains permanently elastic to allow for natural movement between bonded surfaces.

  • Water immersible & waterproof after cure
  • Bonds pavers, caps, roofing, concrete, wood, tile, aluminum, foam, mirrors and more
  • Paintable, stainable and sandable
  • USDA approved
  • Shrink and crack resistant
  • This adhesive has an accelerated curing time for quick projects. It can be used with paver caps, masonry veneer, acoustic ceiling tiles, floor moldings, door sills, and much more. It has excellent adhesion on all cement-based materials, brick, ceramics, glass, metals, wood, epoxy, polyester, and acrylic resin.