Screen Discs


Screen discs are used primarily on hardwood floors. The discs sand down the old finish so that new finish can be applied. This is known as the “scour method” of refinishing a floor and is most often used on gym floors. Superscreen discs come in grits ranging from very coarse to super fine.

All our discs are manufactured with waterproof resins and silicon carbide abrasive, assuring you of the finest quality discs you can buy. All grits available in rectangular sizes for orbital machines.

  • 60 grit: Very coarse
  • 80 grit: Coarse
  • 100 grit: Medium
  • 120 grit: Fine
  • 150 grit: Medium fine
  • 180 grit: Very fine
  • 220 grit: Extremely fine
  • 400 grit: Super fine.