Premium Scrub/Clean Pads (5 per Case)


The Redwood®: Deep Scrub

RedwoodLogoAs a Maroon deep scrub & recoat pad, The Redwood® can be used wet or dry to remove multiple layers of finish prior to recoating. The Redwood® is a 3/8” pad and should always be used with a 1” ETC pad to drive it.

Green: Scrub

A medium abrasive pad for wet scrubbing. This pad will remove embedded soil and black marks found in heavy traffic areas without stripping your finish to the tile.

Blue: Cleaner

A medium abrasive pad for spray cleaning. To clean a lightly soiled floor, use this pad with a spray solution. This process will remove a small amount of finish. Can be used to wet scrub.

Monster®: Spray Clean/Light Scrub

Monster® is designed with natural abrasive action to clean black marks and soil. The top layer of finish, with its embedded dirt, is removed and the remaining finish is brought to a high sheen. Monster®’s “clean and shine” characteristics reduce the need for stripping.

Red: Auto Scrub/Light Clean

A light abrasive pad for light cleaning. The fibers are more open to help keep the pad from glazing over. Can be used under automatic scrubber machines for nightly cleaning schedules.