Premium High Speed/Ultra High Speed/Burnishing Pads (5 per Case)


Gorilla®: Minimal Burnishing-Harder Finishes

GorillaLogo1The Original Blended Natural Fiber Pad that gives a “wet look” shine. Gorilla® is made with a blend of natural fiber and polyester. This blend uses properties of both fibers to create the most unique and respected floor pad in the world. To clean it, just brush away dried wax with its die cut center. It will not glaze over.

Jaguar®: Multiple Burnishing-Softer Finishes

A lighter blend of natural and synthetic fiber than Gorilla®. Designed for more frequent use than Gorilla®, with highly responsive finishes.

Gorilla Lite®: Maximum Burnishing-Soft Finishes

The lightest blend of natural fibers in a synthetic fiber pad for those who use a soft finish that requires nightly burnishing. This pad is designed to give you the same high gloss “wet look” shine that big brother Gorilla® is known for.